Microsoft release updates for addressing Intel problems about MMIO

According to Bleeping computer, Microsoft released specific out of band updates for several CVEs disclosed in june 2022 related to Memory Mapped I/O Stale Data.

The CVEs addressed are
CVE-2022-21123 - Shared Buffer Data Read (SBDR)
CVE-2022-21125 - Shared Buffer Data Sampling (SBDS)
CVE-2022-21127 - Special Register Buffer Data Sampling Update (SRBDS Update)
CVE-2022-21166 - Device Register Partial Write (DRPW)

OSes addressed in these patches are Windows from 10 to 11 22H2 and Windows Server from 2016 to 2022.

I am not currently aware if Linux kernel is affected by these CVEs, Intel notes about vulnerabilities do not report specific OS/Kernel.

As a personal opinion i think is worth to look for specific info about this CVEs and if they are (eventually) alredy addressed by kernel developent and in which version.

This patch release is for Intel processors only, the affected list is reported in a link before in the text.