Mental note, re nextcloud and cockpit

NethServer Version: 7.7
Module: cockpit, nextcloud

You have long running installs of nextcloud on nethserver.
You upgrade to 7.7 and cockpit.
You’re playing with reverse proxy.
You use the empty trusted domain entry field for the first time in the cockpit nextcloud settings to add a domain you created for letsencrypt testing.
You wait awhile until everyone starts complaining about none of their nextcloud services working because you wiped out the other 4 trusted domains from the original config.
Have a beer.

Do you refer to manually added trusted domain entries on nextcloud’s config.php file not being respected when using that field?
/cc. @alep @giacomo

EDIT: I could reproduce it. Manually created entries for trusted domains on config.php are overwritten sequentially with entries from the UI based on the index key number (higher index key numbers are preserved).