Maybe simple: internet for lan

(Nico Berg) #1

I have a Nethserver 7.6 with 2 nic’s, a red one to the internet ( and a green one ( default gateway

I have dhcpd on the green NIC. I have an AD ( running.

I have a Windows 10 system on the green NIC he gets a ip and he does login to the AD, that works. The Windows 10 can ping the red and the green NIC, no other adresses. I want the machine to be able to enter the network past the red NIC (go on the internet).

(Done this with iptables on Ubuntu server but Nethserver works a bit difference)

Thx in advance, Pit

(Markus Neuberger) #2

Just in case, you have to setup the default gateway on the red interface (instead of the green one).

You may test if nslookup and ping <IP> is working on both Windows 10 and Nethserver.

(Nico Berg) #3

Found it: I had to reconfigure my NIC’s. Now in the firewall configuration I have an extra option to route lan to internet. So for people who want to do this: have a good working red and green nic and install the firewall. Now you have an option in the firewall setup to redirect green to red nic.