Mattermost Team Edition: limit in number of teams?

NethServer Version: 7.9
Module: Mattermost (Team Edition)

The admin dashboard tells me that there’s 7.0.1 available… but.

Into Teams managament, i have 5 teams, but no button available to add another one.
Also, inside licensing tab is reported “Starter”, which was never intended to be selected by me; maybe it’s just “pushy marketing” but it’s quite strange to me…

It’s quite strange.
We have more than 5 team and the button to create new teams is present.

When accessing the admin dashboard I see this:
Screenshot from 2022-07-13 10-01-22

Which don’t comply with current status of this installation…

Hi, @pike. Can you check if team creation is enabled?

If this option is not visible on the web page, then the System Admin has disabled team creation.

New teams can be created if the System Admin sets Enable Team Creation to true in the System Console