Mattermost System Configuration area

In the Mattermost docs it says that you can either change configurations through a webpage or through the config.json file. Is there a default username / password created for administering Mattermost?

Also, wouldn’t it be reasonable to set the default Mattermost configuration to use the local LDAP/AD configuration for user access and disable signups? This would be consistent with other applications (like Nextcloud) and what is expected from self-hosting or a typical SMB setup.

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If you’re paying for the commercial solution…

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Do you mean of NethServer of Mattermost?

NethServer only contains the so called “Team” Version of Mattermost, it’s so called “free” version.

You seem to want the commercial versions of Mattermost, meaning a paid for version!

NethServer can easily run an AD for free, it’s just Mattermost can’t use the AD…

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Thanks! That clears up a lot. How about the system configuration page?

What do you mean by this?
I don’t use Mattermost, so I really can’t help you with this.

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You’ll find the system console in the menu on the top left side:

It’s possible to import users from AD, see Team chat (Mattermost) — NethServer 7 Final


Thanks - I was expecting to see something like this, but these options aren’t available to me. How do I make myself an admin on this system so I can see this menu?

Following command assigns the system_admin role to a user:

/opt/mattermost/bin/mmctl roles system_admin <USERNAME> --local

See also mmctl command line tool — Mattermost documentation


Awesome. Thank you for the help!

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