Mattermost: open source, self-hosted Slack-alternative

A collaborative tools… Like Agora-Project

Take a look here too:

How about Jappix, web based chat.

No bad, I’d like to give it a try :slight_smile:


I’ll just leave this here.

Thanks, nice. But I want Mattermost not slack :wink:


news on this? i’m tryng mattermost at work and i love it! very useful!


Are you interested too? :slight_smile:
I don’t know how to approach this software:

  • docker module?
  • fresh install on NethServer with CentOS/RHEL rpms adapting ngix instructions on apache?
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Now, i have a VM with debian :persevere: with mattermost :frowning:

It is a very powerful software and will be a great addiction on NS For teamworking…do you agree?

Are you kidding? I totally agree with you.
Ask to @jaapvdv! We might start from the docker module following a centos howto. May it be the correct way to tackle mattermost?

Well I tried Docker but did not like it.

I really prefer a solution where I can ‘limit the number of eggs in a basket’. So my choice has been to go for a separate ‘one trick pony’ VM with Mattermost. It would be really great to have Mattermost added to the arsenal of NS.


@alefattorini , Are we gonna going to be looking at mattermost on NS7…

This works wonders and really kicks Donkey, with clients instead of skype or Slaack…


Some weeks ago I tried the docker installation on NethServer and it worked like a charm, just following this:

Great piece of software for Team collaboration!

We can try also this for a production environment


Hi Guys,

Sorry, Been a bit busy, did the matter most get a placing in the NethServer.

Ive been looking at including this on 5 of the 20 Nethservers we have installed at our company. and due to the complexity of communications, and vast apps that we use, Mattermost is the way to go, and I dont feel like setting up dockers?

Do this happen by anychance.

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Mattermost is a powerful choice!

It could be valued from the integration perspective point of view.

All Nethserver’s modules could be integrated with the chat to offer a powerful environment. Think at something like notifications of server events by chat or configurations operated by a chat interface (with the help of a bot).


Looking for the specifications, I think that the docker installation could be the best choice, mainly for the database. It is advised either postgre9.4 (their choice) or mysql57

Anyway it is not the default version and you need to use the software collection


New version is OUT and it looks gorgeous:


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We have a new mattermost module :slight_smile:
Please move the discussion there:

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