Mattermost NS8/confirmations


I am setting up a mattermost server,

Email confirmations for local domain is fine,

but when using a foreign domain/email the confirmation email doesn’t go out (like for gmail , and yet I can send emails personally from the inside to gmail’s) .


Just an update

avril 18 12:05:18 host mattermost-app[4467]: error [2024-04-18 10:05:18.442 Z] Failed to send verification email successfully caller=“web/context.go:117” path=/api/v4/users/email/verify/send request_id=43aktf6q3bffi86trkghn5sbje ip_addr= user_id= method=POST err_where=SendVerifyEmail http_code=500 error=“SendVerifyEmail: Failed to send verification email successfully, unable to connect to the SMTP server: dial tcp connect: connection refused”

root  ~  ss -ntua|grep -w 587

tcp LISTEN 0 100*
tcp LISTEN 0 100 [::]:587 [::]:*

root  ~  telnet 587
Connected to
Escape character is ‘^]’.
220 host.domain.tld ESMTP Postfix

And I don’t see how delete users without mounting the container and using mmctl commands Or doing that with the postgres instance .

After more tests, from local domains too the problem occurs.
which is logical from what the log says .