Mattermost module

Check if this doc helps:

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Any chance this module ever integrates with system users (or users from AD join), or will the MM limitation always prevent this?

It’s a limitation of MM itself. If the upstream project opens up the code, we will surely integrate it.

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I don’t understand.

Should I create the virtual host myself ? If yes, what would be the configuration ? I tried here but the only result I get is Nethserver’s default welcome page.

The module will create a virtual host for mattermost but it will be not visible from the web interface.

Make sure you access the application using the entered virtual host: your machine needs to resolve it.

If you encounter any problem, please post relevant logs.

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All right, it’s working now. It didn’t at first try, this is why I tried creating the virtual host.

Looks promising !!

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I’ve got this up and running on my server. It works pretty well at the moment.

It seemed a bit wonky when I first set it up - I had to submit the form for a new account probably a dozen times before it went through, and clicking on links was generally hit or miss. Adding the Mattermost hostname as a server alias under DNS seems to have fixed this issue.

For TLS, I have edited the settings on the Virtual Host to use the correct certificate, and kept the the Mattermost TLS off. I tried using the Mattermost settings, but it doesn’t seem to play well with the Virtual Host.

After looking for a while on other solutions (Zapier, Matrix, Rocket Chat), we think that Mattermost is the easiest and robust Team Chat for NethServer.

The package is ready for QA for anyone!


Yes I want to revive this topic because we have a new package to test, with Mattermost 5.12 freshly backed by @giacomo.

Who wants to test it?

  1. new install:
    yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing install nethserver-mattermost

  2. update
    yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing update nethserver-mattermost

More information:


OK, I was really thinking, NS is a stable super complete Server, but I have to say, putting Mattermost into it is genius. I love it and we already use it in production.
Thank you so much for your work.
Another great job done.


Updating now…

I already updated some weeks ago:

Mattermost Enterprise Edition
Modern communication from behind your firewall.
Mattermost Version: 5.12.2
Database Schema Version: 5.12.0
Database: postgres

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But Rocket Chat has LDAP Integration and i think that it has all the mattermost features.

What do you consider to have mattermost than rocket chat no?

I think there is not that much difference. Both applications will ‘do the job’ as a corporate communications tool. I’d love to see a rocketchat module for NethServer. If you want you could try to install it and please document your steps so more members can try.

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i am noob, I saw that some people contribute modules but really do not know how they do it, it’s just a matter of installing the software as you normally would or is there some kind of specific syntax of the nethserver distro?

Trying to install and tell here what you encounter is a first start. There are many howto’s already on the internet that lead you to install rocjketchat on centos7 (the OS that NethServer is built on)
Try to follow those install howto’s and see if you can get rocketchat working on NethServer.
I would suggest to use a virtual ebvironment so you can take snapshots (images) of your virtual server before you change anything. If something goes wrong, you can easily roll back. Even on a regular pc with Virtualbox or VMWare workstation (whatever virtualization solution you like or have) it is perfectly possible to do this.
Be aware we are talking about installing the SERVER part of rocketchat, not the client software where you actuialy chat with.
The official install howto:
other online sources:

Just to point to a few options. There are many more.
Will you take up the challenge? We can help you with every step when you run into problems or errors.

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i have seen ldap settings on mattermost config json.

so am curious if when configured it will actually work.

Mattermost with LDAP Sync is a paid product.

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True, only mattermost enterprise edition offers the ldap authentication

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