Mattermost 7.5.1, 7.7.1 or wait for 7.7.2?

Any plans for … next Mattermost update?

Thank you for pointing out, it’s on my todo list but didn’t have time to work on it.
If you want, you could just try the RPM from this pull request that I’ve just created.

Feedback is welcome!

I’d go for 7.7.2 if happens.
An important fix was released for 7.7.1, and i love bugfixed releases…

I’ve tested 7.7.1 and seems to work well, but I’d like a test from someone else other than me :slight_smile:

Which one? I can’t find it

My bad, wrong wording: 7.7.1 contains the fix for this issue.

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Not fair, @dnutan… with the tags the title of the topic made sense! I did not changed tags
:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

(just kidding’)

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@giacomo you went for 7.7.0?

It’s updated to 7.7.1.

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I updated twice the opened session AFTER the update and i saw… 7.7.0. Now on the “about” is 7.7.0. (beliefs to be Enterprise Edition but is a fresh install… maybe after trial will go back to team edition)

It should be 7.7.1…


Maybe the update is not distributed to all mirrors yet. Please check your installed version:

[root@server2 ~]# rpm -qa nethserver-mattermost

To install from main mirror:

yum install

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Again, my bad, incorrect wording. After your post I verified again and I found 7.7.1 as you told.

It is 7.7.1. Tomorrow i will keep playing during the morning, afternoon for PFSense.

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Full agenda :grinning:

You have no idea. Saturday it’s almost triple shift…

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And this what clicked in me for “7.7.0”
Into Boards section, i have “give a feedback for 7.7.0”. Cosmetic issue not solved from Mattermost? IDK.

Other persons have the same label? Currently did not provide any feedback for Boards, into Mattermost.