Matrix - synapse

Install it on another server without subscription an then connect to server via LDAP?

looks like finding users in this new setup is hard.

admin has logged in,

the second user has logen in. still cant see each other…
and the rooms

You have to create a room or invite the other one.

yap, i have figured that one out. works great.
even has an option for guest rooms and guest interactions.

I just tested video and voice call and both works preety excelent.
ill be testing mobile apps. and desktop app.

i think ill shift from mattermost in this case. considering users are already imported by ldap.

when can we have a full fledged module?


Great! Did you enable TURN server?

Hopefully soon. I start working on it asap…

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no, infact i had been trying to install coturn for a while, just began installing it.

not sure how it works without one, or does it come with one pre-installed?

No, synapse can use coturn too:

You need to know exactly what repo/groups are required and enable them.
For such experiments, my advice is to use an installation without subscription.

@giacomo So this means that you can’t install matrix-synapse on a subscription server?
That can’t be an acceptable solution. I think we should come tot an option that more or less default packages like Development Tools can be installed…

IMVHO @robb at least during the Howto building use a “non critical” installation should be the best path.
Also, if this addon won’t be part of the NethServer product, how Nethesis is supposed to support the software into a subscribed server?
I’m not sure if even MatterMost is part of the support offered to subscribers.

It’s not what I’ve said.

I agree with Michael: do your test without a subscription since it’s easier.


Mattermost is supported :wink:

i have just realized over my testing playing around with matrix and riot, that there are extremely so many things that matrix can be used to do.

This is so amazing. i am already starting to wonder why we never used it before.

I think this is something we have needed for a very long time, without realizing it.

@mrmarkuz and @robb

Kindly, lets make this a working official module for nethserver as soon as possible.
i am now even interested to learn how modules are made after the howto step, just to build or help build this module. integrate it fully into nethserver and overall, have an install button on the interface and a gui to manage its installation.


Maybe this module will be successful for the community. Therefore, Nethesis could consider it to make Matrix a “official” (and supported) Module.
Glad that you find it useful :slight_smile:

i do find it helpful, big time.

Also, after succesful creation of the module.

going forward, we can look at easier, maybe even click once deployment of key bridges for the same, as they are important and key to the project.
or over the CLI, where we just mention the bridge and its installed and configured

I am going to setup a matrix-synapse module prototype on github when I find time. This way we can work on it together.
In the meanwhile we can share our matrix-synapse experiences in this howto thread to find good preconfiguration, bridges and maybe other addons.


i have tried to compile noteworthy bridges for matrix.
i have also tried to order them in order of importance and need.

also i looked through the installation instructions and considered that in the order.

here is the list:




Matrix Email Bridge
(no longer maintained, but as nethserver community, we can adopt it)



Facebook Messenger

Google Hangouts







i reinstall my ssl certificate, then afterwards,
accessing opens the default nethserver page instead of
redirecting to and opening the software.

how to i fix that to revert to the initial configuration

@mrmarkuz any suggestions?

There’s no autoredirect to /riot.
Because only /riot and /_matrix are used, we don’t need necessarily a virtualhost.
You may move the riot files from /var/www/html/riot to /var/www/html to don’t need /riot path anymore but this removes the default page.
Maybe we could use a vhost switch like it works for Nextcloud.


I’d support a generic approach. “Sacrificing” the default page for a web app (either riot or any other app) is IMO not a sustainable way to go.
If you choose to have a webapp to end up at domain root, you should be able to configure this, not by using /var/www/html