Matrix - synapse

Hi @oneitonitram
Matrix - synapse obviously still needs a lot of development. If you search for matrix synapse admin panel you will find a lot of hits.
On github someone has started to develop an admin interface:
Maybe this is a start? Otherwise I understand you are stuck at commandline db management. Although the recommended way to manage users and rooms is through the API.

Here some documentation on the API:

then, when we make it a module, we could add some function into neth

Work on the gui looks like abandonned now. I think we should rely on API use for now… Bit if we can have a clear list with commando, that shouldn’t be a showstopper.


@mrmarkuz can we begin the bridge integrations process today.

i can deploy a test server and help test.

we can begin with:

  1. discord.
  2. telegram
  3. puppet bridge, as there are other bridges using the same.
  4. skype:
  5. twitter:
    and finally
  6. Facebook :

looks like majority rely on python and virtuel env

I’d like to finish another project today but I can help with matrix bridge installation.

ok. then we begin with the discord bridge.

How to install the discord bridge. and have it work with matrix.riot on nethserver

Seems not trivial. I’ll be back when I got something working but it may take some time…
I hope that other bridge installs are similar…

all of these, if not most, as similar installations.

the ones I left out, are way more complicated.
especially the one for WhatsApp.

well, even thoough we at NethCommunity love complex

I added a Bridges chapter with discord to the howto but I get an error when starting the docker container…

On a sidenote: the matrix weekly blog is quite interesting and informative

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i thought there are 2 methods.
installing without docker, and install with docker.
from the content atop, seems you utilized the one without docker.
so why are you running docker?

I thought it’s needed, I didn’t read about 2 methods.

oh, sorry, i had confused with another bridge instructions.
yes its the same process

did you manage to resolve the error you are getting?
as if we could figure it out, we can replicate with other similar modules and get them to work.

Jambo @oneitonitram!

keep up the good work!

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As soon as I have something working I’ll post it…

Hi, I did install synapse and Riot and it’s working great thanks to your tuto.
I’m actually struggling with videocalls and TURN… Did someone manage to make it work ?

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welcome to our community.

Thanks for testing synapse/riot, feel free to provide your ideas about implementation and preconfiguration.

Check out this post about configuring coturn:

i finally installed a TURN server, i am afraid to touch the homesever.yaml file to to integrate it into matrix/synapse.

Especially the uri, not sure how to set it.