Maria DB Version

OK, today I am working quite eager … again a question on CMS installation (Drupal).
The installation routine wants another version of maria DB, the Drupal installer error message reads:

Version 5.5.65 of MariaDB is lower than the minimal required version 10.3.7*

I know this is difficult - is there any workaround for nethserver?

Yes, you may use nethserver-mariadb103.

Tried that - not to good:

  • phpMyAdmin seems to be linked to the “new” MariaDB, but I can not login (even after I created a root password within cli)
  • now I lost my phpMyAdmin link to the “normal” MariaDB installation. I get slightly nervous …

=> I try to yum remove the package and I hope, this puts me back into the “old status”.

Please run

signal-event nethserver-phpmyadmin-save

to apply the new config and restart phpmyadmin.

See also the wiki