Manually renew lets encrypt certificate

Hi there!

Is there a command for renew the LE certificate manually?
Because i have opened the 80 and 443 ports just for some countries for security reason.

So when i open port 80 and 443 for the world, i want do execute a command line which renew my certificate and then close the two ports for the “world” and just open it for some countries again.

Greetings Chris.

certbot renew.


Wow so easy thank you very much it worked.

Hi there, i have another nethserver on which the certificate was out of date, so i have made manually the certbot renew command - said successful.

But on https the old certificate is used, in nethserver cockpit i see the new one and also set to default… http restart and server restart already made.


signal-event neth server-certificate-update

Hi Dan,
tested with root - then i get the error: Can’t open directory /etc/e-smith/events/neth

Sorry, that’s what I get for trying to reply on my iPad–there’s a space that shouldn’t be there. I’d meant signal-event nethserver-certificate-update, but I was going from memory. The correct command would be signal-event certificate-update.


Thanks a lot! Worked perfectly!

You are great