Manually removing Email packages

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: Email

I am using NethServer in a VM under FreeNAS system. It is allocated 512MB RAM as its main purpose is simple routing for my home network.

I have installed “Email” from Applications to test and see what I can do with it. Now, I checked all I want and I would like to remove everything related with these packages installed.

I login as root, go to Applications, click on hamburger menu, choose remove
At that point all I see is
That screen stays like forever and never complete what ever it is doing. I can click Cancel button and screen goes off. Delete button is not enabled and cannot be clicked. When I click cancel Email stays installed. I do not have a lot of packages installed.

I already tried to install all updates including the one released today. Unfortunately, I could not remove Email from my system using GUI.

Now, I would like to do that using command prompt. I do not know what package(s) I should be removing and exact command line with parameters.

Any help is appreciated.

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Did you check over there?

This is what i see on my Applications section of Cockpit

This is what I tried to explain in my message. This “Remove” you shared. Gives me a screen in my initial post. That screen never changes. Stays like that for even 24 hours.

AFAIK some shell command should do the trick. But summoning @dev_team may be a nice addiction.

rpm -qa | grep -i 'nethserver-mail'

If the stack email is installed you can remove it manually, only nethserver-mail-smarthost must stay

yum remove nethserver-mail-server nethserver-mail-common nethserver-mail-filter

after that you can do a

yum auto remove

it removes all rpm without require by other rpm, check the list before to press yes


That did the trick.

Thank you.

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thx for help, i had exatkly same endless loading screen…