Manually correction of the FQDN for the Userportal Page

NethServer Version: NS8
Module: Domain and Users (OpenLDAP)

Hello friends,

where can I manually change the FQDN for the User Portal? The reason is that the page is not displayed to me via the FQDN of the server with users-admin because a letter is missing there.

To access the administration environment of the server, I use

If I click on the link with the user portal in the user domain configuration, a letter is missing in the link.

It looks like this:


The one letter is simply swallowed and of course I then get the message:

Page not found



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Is the “w” in the servername a capital letter?

The user portal uses a path http route that you can check in “settings/http routes” so it should just use the FQDN.

Could you please check the configured FQDN on the node page by “Set FQDN”?


Now it works.

Thank you, Markus…

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