Manual Backup like in SME8

NethServer Version: 7.3.1611
Module: BACKUP


I’ve been migrating my SME Server to NS, many things are more comfortable then before.
But what I’m missing is the possibility to make additionaly a manual backup (in SME in the admin console), which is a full backup in one tgz. This fix named file had the advantage of easy handling… - I used it as a second backup once a week…

As I don’t like to invent the wheel a second time, I’ll ask, if someone has created such script or it exists already somewhere in the NS…

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Hi Martin,

you can do it with backup-data and backup-config.

For more information you can have a look at
or ask us :smiley:

Dear Michael,

thank you for your fast response.

I’m already using backup-data, I configured it in the GUI for daily - diff - backups.

But I’d like getting an additional full backup in one file, when I’d like to…
If I change backup_config then it changes also this daily diff backup.
Or - is it possible - to create an additional config? (How?)

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The issue is not only how to create a manual backup to an usb disk but also how to restore it.

Ns has removed the support of the console, you have no ways to do it like before

I saw two solutions

You might adapt you to the new os and its philosophy

You could try a command line, but at your own risk, think to try the restoration also.

The rsync cli could be used to backup the files and folder to wherever you want…be aware never tested in a real environment

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Another idea is to work with nethserver in a vm which supports snapshots.

Thanks a lot for the advices - adapting to a new philosopy is always a bit tought.
Throwing away concepts, which are working for the last 4 years isn’t the first idea, you get into mind…

Why? What’s the purpose? Why do you need a unique file?
It’s “additional” or “unique file” the point of the discussion. Help me to understand, please.

During the last years with SME server I was used to make nightly diff backups within automatism of SME. These backups were stored on a external disk. Once a week I started during the day a manual backup on a second external disk, which is normally stored off site.

Now, with NethServer I configured the full-backup for the day (in the week), when I’d like to make the copy to the external disk to store it off site. So I’ve adopted my routine - and my question at the beginning of the thread is solved…

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Thanks for your confirm. Would you like to be connected with other SME server users?