Managing users access to services

Hi there,

Is there way to manage users access to services on Nethserver? For example, I’d like to temporary suspend his access to OpenVPN(without revoking certificate) but he should still be able to use other services. I read somewhere that Services access or permission were in the Service tabs but I just can’t seem to find it.


Hi @D_O,

the network services page allows you to open a service port to the public for instance but it’s not user specific. I am afraid there is no general frontend user specific access page, but there is a delegation module for the admin interface.

It depends on the service if you are able to manage user specific access. In Webtop for instance you may disable a user so he can’t login to Webtop anymore but he can use all other Nethserver services.
In OpenVPN I found no possibility to disable a user without delete the VPN account.

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Hi @mrmarkuz,

Thank you very much for your answer. I thought since OpenVPN offered the possibily to use the system users, I thought it was also possible to manage access to some services per user as well. Thx again for your answer.

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