Managing Macosx school and students via NethServer

Future project Nethserver managing macosx school ad
And students fileserver


Uh! That’s interesting.
Let us know more about your infrastructure. What are the main challenges?

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Yes… My objective is to manage macosx active directory nethserver with roaming profiles but… For instance each time we add a new machine will create a home into nethserver, the idea is when people in there have an issue with one of the macs, going into another Mac he can find his desktop the same way, network share nethserver 2 file server, will stock the files of the users over the smb shares, but for now the configs and installed apps will stay at local machines… I don’t know if there is a way to mount via pam_auth. XML, or something for now I think that I will use the 2 ND nethserver for the shared folder active directory users… How can I do roaming profiles with macosx…with macosx config apps stored into samba nethserver shares… The windows users gpo, roaming etc OK… Linux ad OK, shares OK roaming profiles missing… Any ideas


Salut Vitor

What for the Windows AD Administrator the tool RSAT is for the Mac Admin the so called Workgroup Manager (For Mac, from Apple, I think last Version around 2015…).

If the directory is so far compatible, you can set the Mac’s home and profile folders there…

My 2 cents

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Salut andy, merci pour tes astuces
I have downloaded the latest version of it
I will test at home, because I have the same infrastructure model nethserver, but with much less Mac workstations only 2 is enough to test.

Best regards

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@Vitor_Hugo_Barbosa AFAIK you can virtualize MacOSX if you are using Apple Hardware without licensing issue.
Consider as option the use of VirtualBox on MacOS X for “create” more case studies.

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Salut Victor,

Très intéressant !

I wrote some documents on NethServer/RSAT/AD/Stations with roaming profiles etc… and as a bonus, it’s in québécois.

Unfortunately, I didn’t include any Mac but for Win machines, it should be complete.

Espérant que ça pourrait te servir,



Merci André

L’option de mettre le macosx dans proxmox c’est mort car c’est des vrais macs, mais je jetterais un coup d’œil.

.thank you very much for the the tips…

Hello pike

That one is a no go… One

Because they need for 20 iMac flat 27inch

The real hardware…

Thank you all the win workstations with gpo’s, users rights, OU’s, security groups, roaming profiles working with user profiles preferences on nethserver… All that is mastered…bref casse tête mais nous avons la force…

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E io prendo la mitragliatrice carica di proiettili italici per spiegare ai cugini di francia che qui si parla in inglese.
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They’re using a mix of french and english :smiley: amazing Love it.

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Hi Alessio!

There’s even italian, if you count Pike’s last post!

But then, the subject is integrating Macs into a NethServer (Linux) environment, using bits of a Windows AD environment!

Diversity, the NethServer way! :slight_smile:

My 2 cents



Salut Vitor!

As to this:

The idea is not to use the Mac-VM for your users to work, but for testing the roving profiles on a Mac…
In that sense Pike is correct, I use Parallels on my Macbook, and also have other Mac Versions for testing. These Macs are not for productive use, but to test integration / profiles and authentification.

Example: If you can get your profile on your Mac replicated in a virtual machine (Mac) you have roving profiles working! (At least one way, further tests needed).
Not everyone has spare Macs lying around for testing!

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Up… any update about this project, @Vitor_Hugo_Barbosa ?

I changed of job the macs where joined into the domain, but i had one tool called workgroup manager or whatsoever but to join à Mac into nethserver,was really smooth…i will sent you the name of this tool as soon i get it into my fileserver


Thanks for your time.

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