Manage Windows like Linux with Ansible?

(fpausp) #1

Is someone of you using ansible ? - Manage Windows like Linux with Ansible

What do you think abt ?

(Rob Bosch) #2

Maybe @syntaxerrormmm can comment on this?

(Emiliano Vavassori) #3

I use Ansible daily on Linux machines. Still, last time I tried with Windows machines it was PITA, since a lot of stuff he said it is there by default really wasn’t (PS 3 for example, WinRM required a download and 2/3 updates that required reboots) so it wasn’t really feasible.

Thanks for the video, I appreciated a lot. We were waiting for SSH on windows, maybe this is not needed anymore :wink:

(fpausp) #4

OK, good to know to have an expert here… I am just on the beginning to inform myself abt ansible… How many machines do you control with ansible?

(Rob Bosch) #5

Ahh… I like the cherry pick win updates part:

(Emiliano Vavassori) #6

Not so many, really (let’s say about 100); our main use of Ansible is to configure machines right after first installation with our specific standards. Plus, in a different project, we employ it to make sure all the Linux machines inside a laboratory are (and stays) correctly configured to work in a NT-level domain environment.

But I look into building a custom patch management system for our customers (mainly Windows machines) with the indications you shared and AWX project. Having a unique console that reports the updatation status of all your servers (for all your customers) and being able to update all your servers without doing manual work on the weekends would be super-cool :slight_smile: