Manage network/Internet access of clients/groups

NethServer Version: NS7
Module: Firewall
I have a question about managing client access to the network and internet.
I wanbt to be able to implement a set time per day when a client or group can have access to the network and/or access to Internet.
I used to have 2 Ubiquiti AP-AC accesspoints and with the unifi controller this is easy. You can create up to 4 WiFi networks and set times when those WiFi networks are available. But I sold my AP-AC’s and now I would like to take the options a step further: On a per device basis, apply rules when they are allowed to access the network and/or internet.
What would it take to implement such a feature? Are there any Gateway applications available that could fulfill this feature? If so, are they available for NethServer/CentOS?

Couldn’t you achieve this with the firewall and content filter module where you are able to set times for devices when to use the internet? Additionally you may use firewall rules with time conditions for the internal network.

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Have you tried that or do you need something more specific? @robb