Maltrail addon as a possible new feature

Hi All,

I simply love Nethserver and think that the extra applications are a god send

I was looking through an install at a friend’s place and he runs Opnsense
One service he showed me in great depth was Maltrail

I found it to be a fantastic tool to help me find hostnames and IP addresses to block that were malicious but not necessarily a part of any lists

I thoroughly recommend having a look at this

Maybe there is a reason it isn’t implemented but thought I would post it here and see what people think

Unfortunately I have no programming experience so I won’t be very helpful if integration takes a lot of work but I would love to try and test something

Kind regards,

Hi @benaus. Good to see you have found a promising addition for NethServer.
Even when you claim you can’t help because you have no coding skills, I think otherwise.
We have a quite straightforward way of adding new features.

  • do a feature request (you just did YAY!!) In this feature request you describe what the new feature does (you already did, YAY!!) and we discuss if there is a need for the feature and if there are any alternatives. We will continue with that in this discussion.
  • do an install on NethServer and document this. You can start a new discussion for this so others can track and help with installing the new feature
  • create a full howto. This is more or less the documentation you do of every step during install and configuring the feature. When the howot is 100% reproducable, create a howto inb our wiki.
  • Final step is creating the module/rpm Even without coding skills you could try. I am sure our @dev_team is more than willing to help here.

So next step: are there any alternatives that do the same or similar?

Some pointers: I see most sources to install maltrail on BSD based systems (Opnsense is BSD too) There is a install howto for Ubuntu 1804 I didn’t find any info on installing on CentOS7, so it might become a challenge…


Sounds good

I will try and install it on a Centos 7 VM and see how it goes
I will document that and then work on a Nethserver VM

While doing this I will also check out any alternatives out there which may provide similar functionaility but have documentation for Centos installs

I will update in this thread @robb if thats alright

Kind regards,


Excellent, thank you!