Making the new WebTop 5 roadmap together

We can quickly fix this point, I’d start with adding this kind of information inside the official manual.
@lucag already has something ready, we will help him to publish everything.

Thank you Rob, this is the right approach!

The WebTop team is really joining the effort: doc is coming, stay tuned! -

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Why we have to be silent about issues or tell that all is “bells and whistles”?

If we don’t get out of the problems we encounter every day, we can be constructive as long as we want, but the problems still remain…

Apologise me, but I find that “being constructive at all costs” it’s a little self-righteous…


You’re right we have to disagree, how can we innovate otherwise?
Agree to disagree is key here, it’s a common practice whereby all parties tolerate but do not accept the opposing position(s). :slight_smile:
Sometimes there are technical limitations, sometimes the vision on the product is different and so on and so forth.
Be Agreeable, Even When You Disagree providing reasoned counter-arguments that improve the conversation.
I think it was the sense of @robb’s sentence.


@webtop_team at work on 2018 roadmap!


Webtop Team that works to resolve all my problems :smiley:


sorry @alefattorini, i stoled for once your “powerful badge” of memeabuser


Hello to all :wink:
After collecting the ideas and having analyzed each Feature with the development team, I can finally publish the roadmap for the next 12 months:

Upgrade Pack 1-2018 (in the testing phase)

  • Server CalDAV + CardDAV (Sabre/dav) + Rest API
  • Saving the Address Book and Mail layout after logout
  • Click2call for Nethvoice PBX Nethesis (custom PBX later)
  • Automatic search for email addresses of local users
  • Direct import eml mail from client
  • Indication of the location of the IMAP folder in which you are located (breadcrumb)
  • Notification on the interface of the new features introduced after each update (what’s new)

Upgrade Pack 2-2018

  • Automatic synchronization of calendars and remote address books (Gmail)
  • Centralized management of some user configurations from the admin panel
  • Improvements on chat clients
  • Video call on chat
  • Integration with Mattermost (proxy service)
  • Automatic saving in drafts
  • Improved usability form Mail
  • Sending and receiving SMS (click2sms and sms2mail)
  • Notification sending creating events on shared calendars

Upgrade Pack 3-2018

  • Tablet compatible layout
  • Refactor layout Address book
  • Improvements on management invitations from the calendar
  • Management of calendars of impersonal resources (eg. classroom courses, company cars, …)
  • Attachments on calendar events and tasks
  • Integration with mail backup tools (Mailstore)
  • OnlyOffice Integration (Attachments mail and Cloud)
  • Doodle Integration for Polls / Appointments / Meetings
  • Adding attachments to Tasks, Events and Contacts
  • Improved distribution list management from Address Book
  • Improved Home page

Upgrade Pack 4-2018

  • Custom fields on Address Book and Calendar
  • Notify new mails received on shared accounts
  • Social connection on contacts
  • Display of the quota used on the Mail and notification of the limit reached
  • Improved html editor on the mail
  • Z-Push conversion with Api Rest (CalDAV and CardDAV)
  • Editor html also for notes on contacts, description of events Calendar and Tasks

Upgrade Pack 5-2018/2019

  • Print contact list of a distribution list
  • Manage categories in contacts
  • Management of separate signatures for companies and departments
  • Quick search even on mail with annotations
  • Ability to insert embedded images into signatures
  • Multi-account management
  • Integration with external web applications (CRM, ERP, …)
  • Network management allowed for login (prevent remote connection)
  • Separate color management by type of event on the same calendar

Thanks for sharing with us, I’m really happy to see the project growing up at a fast pace


Is there any estimated time of arrival for every upgrade pack?
Are acceptable suggestion for re-arrangement of some of the features into Upgrade pack?
Will be any way to understand in which upgrade pack is an installation laying?
Not only from inside webtop, but from outside also.

Hi @pike,
the features are ordered by priority and complexity.
The release dates of the different upgrade packs (indicative only) could be these:

  • Upgrade pack-1: May 2018
  • Upgrade pack-2: July 2018
  • Upgrade pack-3: September 2018
  • Upgrade pack-4: December 2018
  • Upgrade pack-5: February 2019

Each upgrade will always be anticipated by an announcement here in the Community with all references to the issues on the bug tracker


Thanks for the ETA.
Therefore, there’s no room for pointing out a different priorities, they are already decided.

I think if something is request from many users, we can re-arrange it.
CalDAV is an example, it was down into the roadmap but it has been putted on top because many users requested it.

@lucag what do you think?

Of course :wink:, we are always listening to any new requests to be evaluated and possibly enter in the current roadmap.

I had this thread just to gather ideas at the beginning of January to gather ideas.

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Thank you all for your great efforts.

Not at all sure if this is the correct place to post a Webtop wish list as the last post was April 2018.

Please let me know if there is a better place to post and any feedback.

Some suggestions -

Calendar - Auto refresh page.

Contacts - Search any field in contacts - At the moment phone numbers can not be searched.

Calendar - Links to this calendar - A solution like Sogo which has public and authenticated user links for CalDAV URL, WebDAV ICS URL and WebDAV XML URL .

Calendar - Search results - Show all results if search field left blank on search request with a date range selector or add an Agenda view with a date range selector.

Emails - Convert an Email to an Event.

Emails - Convert an Email to a Task.

Emails - Email delegation.

Emails - Manual check new emails now button.

Emails - Forwarding of emails to external email address (internal addresses work).

Emails - Allow external imap accounts.

Emails - Option to auto add unknown contacts to address book when replying to unknown email address.

Emails - Digital signed email option.

Emails - Encrypt email option.


Thanks for your suggestions.
Some of them are already on the Roadmap, but I will add your requests to our public issue tracking at Sonicle.
I will eventually ask you to comment more about some of them.



Here’s the entry:



In some mailings from the mailing lists, there is a “List-Unsubscribe” field in the header with a link (and sometimes even an email) to click on to unsubscribe from the email.
Is it possible to “intercept” this field and display in the window displaying the mail a “Unsubscribe from mailing list” button without having to search for the link at the bottom of the mail, which sometimes is not even present?


Hi, this is an issue waiting to be implemented in the current roadmap.



Thank you Gabriele,

I have a few more to add.

Calendar - Calendar color - Full colour pallet for Calendar color selection like Settings>Mails>“Today message color” selector.

Calendar - Event Description - Dynamically expanding text window to use available window space if required because there is a large amount of text in this field.

Calendar - Day, Week (5 day) and Week view - Ability to manually expand the scale of the time slots (to zoom in or out).

Calendar - Permissions - Add Public and Authenticated User permissions.

Core - Right click option on Home, Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks or Cloud buttons to allow open in new tab.

Core - Ability to change Favicon, Heading, Title, Page loading icon etc

Calendar - Events shown in the day, week (5 days) and the week views can sometimes be hidden when there is a few events at the sametime. This happens sometimes and other times it does not. Can the Calendar be optimised to try to show events beside one another aways?

I have added these to