Make Windows DC mode auto assign user only shares to user profiles when they first log in

NethServer Version: 7.3 RC3
Module: samba

folks, I have my nethserver pretty much running and the domain seems okay. windows 7 pro workstations can join but not shares be default. I know there is an option in the samba.conf file where one normally sets an automatic profile only share directory under a specified drive (usually “u” I think on the windows OS). I’ve done this setup on ClearOS 6 but need to have it working in a similar fashion on nethserver for this to be fully integrated. The template system is the only way to properly work with the conf files but before I go messing around wanted to see if there was a proper procedure for this. To be clear, when a profile is created, when someone signs in on a valid account for the first time, they should automatically have a shared directory with ownership/permissions for their profile only. Thanks all!

AFAIK this home-directory for each user is created with the first login. To find under /var/lib/nethserver/home/‘username’. The credentials are DOMAIN\user + password. If you want to automatically map this drive you can use the windows user administration or the samba netlogon script. 3rd you can use a .bat file on the windows-machine to map the drives: net use i: \\nethserver\share /user:user passwd /persistant:yes or similar. Hope this helps.


there is no subdirectory under /var/lib/nethserver/home or in ibay. No directories were created when I created 2 users.

–Correction, it did make a directory for 1 profile. The other I used had a local account of the same ID on the workstation (with admin permissions) which I used to make the machine join the domain. It probably has to do with not creating a new profile on the workstation even though it logs into the domain. Is that normal for Samba or is it a bug?

They are created with the first login of the user over ssh or via filemanager (windows = explorer). Open explorer and give \DOMAIN\ than windows should ask for credential. After that first login the folder should be created.

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Weird, now if I log back into my account (domain scope) it creates the folder. It created a 2nd local machine profile for admin purposes with the intention of deleting the directory on the workstation after delete my old profile but that seems unnecessary. Would be cool to know why when you log into workgroup with (for example) profile “iname” in the WORKGROUP local machine workgroup. Then under that profile have the computer join the domain. Then you reboot, login with “” and you get no folder generated. You log in with the 2nd user (in the domain) you then get folder of new profile created. Log off, then use the old iname profile (in the domain) and the folder for the old profile is generated? Hopefully this will help other who get confused if their first profile (if previously created under a workgroup) doesn’t get a share created. I’m guessing this is a windows 7 behavior issue but can anyone confirm?

Just to be clear so you have all the facts I just posted the exact order of things below. I did look over the windows file explorer and looked over the network. The file explorer showed itself and the domain controller on the network but would not show any shares on the network. I verified on the physical machine what folders were created under /var/lib/nethserver/homes directory. As I said before, there were ZERO folders in that directory created. on the nethserver domain controller The first directory was created there after I logged off the windows 7 pro machine and logged with a profile with a username that had never existed in any scope on the machine before. That worked as expected. Went into the windows 7 pro “Users” directory and saw 3 profile with “iname”. One on an old domain with a typo, one that was local machine (under WORKGROUP) and the 3rd with the new correct domain name. My suspicion is that the Windows 7 pro OS didn’t do the normal procedure that would access the netlogon script because of the local profile with the same name. Hope that clarifies what happened. I’m fairly sure it’s a windows 7 pro logon behavior issue/irregularity rather than a Samba or nethserver issue.