Make-rpms and NS6

@davidep I’m trying to use make-rpms to build rpm for NS6, I see that some variables need to be added (where ?), I mean about ‘dist’ and ‘mockcfg’

Sensible to the following environment variables:
 - dist (ns7)
 - mockcfg (nethserver-7-x86_64)

the documentation doesn’t state on it, neither the wiki page created by @filippo_carletti

I hope that this variables should not be changed every time I need to build for another version :slight_smile:

The question is the answer: set them in the environment!

You could create a custom wrapper or shell alias, I guess…

I really like simple solution :slight_smile:

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I have this command in my history:

 $ dist=ns6 mockcfg=nethserver-6-x86_64 make-rpms *.spec