Make a map on how and where NS is being used

So how about starting a new topic and make a map on how NS is being used and how the different (EU) markets are evolving, before we draw any conclusions?

I see many arguments, all valid, but it would be nice if we can map it against country, market, usage etc.

Obviously the ‘traditional deployment’ (System integrator) will have the upper hand, but maybe that is from a specific point of view.

Actually the market field is Italy, you can check it at, the game now is how to go out of Italy and grow market shares in other foreign countries.

I’m trying, but it all starts with the thought that NS can be serving cloud solutions, and not a traditional on premises network server with traditional users on a traditional LAN.

I am not a system integrator, I am a private cloud solution provider. When purchasing cloud capacity I am faced with 1 NIC only so the dummy interface ([]=dummy) is the only way forward for me.

I don’t use Proxmox, for other companies are much better in maintaining a cloud infrastructure, so I can focus on customer wishes.

So the NS virtual machines can be scattered over several different EU data centers/countries.

Interesting. Sure, the company behind it is Italian, but it’s kind of surprising to me that it’s so heavily concentrated there.

I believe they work with system integrators (partner network) to install and maintain Nethesis solutions (real hardware). Obviously they are doing a good job with their partner network. Hence the partner meeting etc. And I guess Italians can communicate the best in Italian :wink:

Anyway, I don’t believe there is a business model other then working with traditional system integrators, where as I am e.g. a private cloud provider.

I would like to see more attention to hosting solution opposed to on premises solutions, for it all depends on availability of stable and wide bandwidth (which in Europe may vary per country). DE, NL, BE, DK, SE, FR have plenty of that, so the market (expectation) is different. "Why on premises and have the hassle, just get it out of uour private cloud. Solves a lot of problems and reduces traffic :wink:

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