Mailserver Dovecot and remote access mail from client


(CJ) #1

NethServer Version: latest

ok I have install and got mailserver and webmail server to work perfect.

But now I like to see if I can add it to my mail client on my phone or computer.

My question is I going to use imap so is it just for me to port forward 143?
or is that something more I need to do??

(Federico Ballarini) #2

I suggest you to use 993 IMAP and 465 SMTP SSL (or 587).
You can open email_grp ports that you find in Firewall Objects.

(CJ) #3

Ahh ok, do not think I need to send mail just read them so I just have to open 993 for IMAP.

(Federico Ballarini) #4

Your server doesn’t send email? How it downloads the email?

(Dan) #5

The manual disagrees with you and recommends 143. Use 110 for POP, 587 for SMTP. All with STARTTLS. Only use 993/995/465 if your client is ancient and doesn’t support STARTTLS.

(Federico Ballarini) #6

Yes. Probably is better use 143, but with STARTTLS.

Note that I’ve used 993 with SSL in many situation and I haven’t got any type of problem.

For SMTP 587.

(CJ) #7

Ahh it can send and receive mail but I do not think I need to send mail thru my client program.
If I going to need to send anything I do that from webmail

(Dan) #8

Yes, both will work. The phrasing of the manual suggests that IMAPS/993 is a legacy method, and may not be supported in the future, which is why I prefer STARTTLS/143. But certainly on NS7, both work fine.

(Saito Benkei) #9

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