Mailserver Dovecot and remote access mail from client

NethServer Version: latest

ok I have install and got mailserver and webmail server to work perfect.

But now I like to see if I can add it to my mail client on my phone or computer.

My question is I going to use imap so is it just for me to port forward 143?
or is that something more I need to do??

I suggest you to use 993 IMAP and 465 SMTP SSL (or 587).
You can open email_grp ports that you find in Firewall Objects.

Ahh ok, do not think I need to send mail just read them so I just have to open 993 for IMAP.

Your server doesn’t send email? How it downloads the email?

The manual disagrees with you and recommends 143. Use 110 for POP, 587 for SMTP. All with STARTTLS. Only use 993/995/465 if your client is ancient and doesn’t support STARTTLS.

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Yes. Probably is better use 143, but with STARTTLS.

Note that I’ve used 993 with SSL in many situation and I haven’t got any type of problem.

For SMTP 587.

Ahh it can send and receive mail but I do not think I need to send mail thru my client program.
If I going to need to send anything I do that from webmail

Yes, both will work. The phrasing of the manual suggests that IMAPS/993 is a legacy method, and may not be supported in the future, which is why I prefer STARTTLS/143. But certainly on NS7, both work fine.

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