Mailling-list think tank

I would be interested if a mailling-list could worth a module for ns.

Do you use one, which one…

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what advantage over our community (forum) do you see?

I know that a mailling-list software (like mailman, sympa) is a bit old now, but you have a lot of projects who work with it. Therefore my question…Otherwise we could imagine a software like phplist for something more oriented newsletter

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yes, probably mailing-list are not so much used anymore… anyway, i’m old, and i think that mailman on NS would be really nice :grin:

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I agree too…i’m old :’(


Hi Stephane,
I made a mistake, you would add it as a module, not instead of the nethserver forum. Sorry.
But perhaps we can add a forum module too.

Honestly, I didn’t get so many requests for a mailing list module, people are moving toward something like that

Except the rpm to do for mattermost (and follow the versions) it doesn’t seem so hard

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I’m looking for a volunteer who can help me to write a good howto :slight_smile:

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Hi there,

I might be interrested as i will start this week to work on a sympa implementation with LDAP + CAS SSO.

Let me know…


A bit of update,

I manage to have the sympa mailling list working fine except few things like:

  • systemctl restart sympa let on process runninng which block updating configuration

  • Add stuff on postfix using e-smith template was fine

  • at the end my mails are comming fine but don’t show up on the sympa webinterface

  • LDAP+CAS Works fine if you have a valid ssl on the ldap like an letsencrypt one.

  • I used the official Sympa documentation as refferal.