Mailing list feature

Hi, I am new and I have a question: is there a native module to implement a mailing list system for NetHServer (Like a Ezmlm, Mailman, Sympa, etc.)?
Thanks a lot


Hi @godel
Thank you for your suggestion! I also do think that a mailing list feature would be very nice to have on NethServer!
Fortunately the process of getting new features in NethServer is very straightforward:

  • first do a feature request. This part you already did! Thanks for that! In this topic we can discuss the feature and see if there is enough support for such a feature. Also determine what solutions there are available and which one would suite best in NethServer.
  • next is installing the solution and write down a Howto in these forums. As soon it is 100% reproducible, the howto can get it’s place in the wiki.
  • last step is creating a real module for it. This can be a long process, but as we have seen recently, we do have some experienced developers that can help with that.

Beware that NethServer is a project not only for the community but also by the community. We all are the community, including yourself.

Could we get a bit more lengthy list of options to consider before we decide what solution to choose? Do you have any preference? If so, why?

Then my next question would be: did you try to install a mailing list application on NethServer? What were your findings?

Again, thank you for your suggestion and post. Anyone else care to comment?

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See it in action:


i have started working on nethserver-mailman one week ago and a first 0.0.1 rpm is already done, while i postponed hyperkitty for now… but now i’ve just started my (long) trip to fosdem, and this is the max i can write on smartphone (i’m old :slight_smile: )
Ofcourse if someone else want to try to make this module i will be an happy tester :grimacing:


Hello There,

Just wondering how thing are going on this subject as i’m going to start to setup a sympa mailling list with a connection to a CAS Server with SSO. (I already posted about it but i confess that i still doesn’t provide any feedback to the community).
Let me know about your rpm.