Mail stops working and RAM problems

Good morning, I wanted to report two problems that occur on my nethserver.
I have NethServer release 7.4.1708 with inside configured 61 users, 11 groups and 65 emails. Everything is installed on a vmware 6 virtual machine with 4 gigabytes of ram and the emails occupy a space of 131.65 gigabytes on a total 500 gigabytes.
The first problem is that the ram is occupied almost entirely by nethserver. I tried to set up also 8 gig of ram, but the problem persists in the sense that even these 8 gig are completely occupied.
Is this normal to happen?
Another problem: sometimes some email address, configured on nethserver, stops receiving emails.
To make it work I have to disable it from nethserver and then re-enable it.
I await your info
Many thanks in advance

ps I forgot to tell you that emails are configured with aruba

about ram usage: you won’t have issues until the machine start swapping heavily…
linux is wise enough to use all available RAM in the right way
about emails… point your MX record to NS and you’re done… using fethcmail/getmail or similar toos is often a PITA


Yes, this is normal for Linux. Take a look here.



Thanks a lot for the answer.
One thing: to point the aruba mx to my nethserver do I have to “put” ns out of the lan?

you can just make a portforward on your router/firewall to your internal NS…
involved ports are 25 and 587 (smtp and submission), 993/995 for imaps and pop3s, optionally 443 for webmail

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ok perfect for the firewall
where I can set the aruba MX in nethserver?

you must have an Aruba plan with dns management… once you have, set up the MX record for your domain pointing it to your public IP
please be aware that it won’t work if you have a dynamic IP, but you can easily overcome this problem using a dyndns like service… just point your MX to the dyndns hostname


ok perfect
many thanks