Mail services managment

Doing some experiments with NS8 …
What I wanto to cheive:

  • mail server with calendar and addressbook for multiple domains and possibly that can have a domain-admin user that can manage its users.

Tried to read the docs, but it seems (to me), to be focuses into specifics configuration aspects and assume that the reader already know many aspects of the system. As usual for standard docs and the reason for someone to create the howtos :wink:

Which is the simpler and more pratical solution to achieve the desidered result?

I started installing the Mail module (obviously (for me)).
Still thinking about use NextCloud, SOGo or WebTop for the CalDAV/CardDAV services
(For many users MUA will be Outlook).
I suppose I need to create an Internal OpenLDAP domain for every managed domain
I suppose I need to create a Mail Istance for every managed domain
Do I need also many NextCloud/SOGo/WebTop istances?
Is it possible to create a Domain Admin user?

Any hints appreciated :wink:
Thanks, P.

Hi @PaulVM,

Which account provider do you use? Samba or Open LDAP?



As I wrote I’ll use OpenLDAP.
I want to manage multiple domains and the docs says that only one Samba provider is allowed.


Only one per node. If you have several nodes, you can install a single Samba instance on each one.

This will depend on your use case for the users.
With nextcloud there is some way to achiieve multi tenancy with multiple user domains.

For the emails, i am not really sure, you have to select a designate provider i think.

You can only install one mail instance per node(i think) for multiple mail instances, require their own nodes.

You can however, from some tests i have done, acheive multiple seprate user accounts per domain with some piping from a main account on the mail, since Nextcloud mail is not Multi tenant.

it can not implement Mail per domain per account provider separately for each. there would be some overlap.

[quote=“PaulVM, post:1, topic:23043”]
Do I need also many NextCloud/SOGo/WebTop istances?
[/quote]I am not sure about this for wbtop and sogo, but for nextcloud, you dont really need multi instances, Unless each domain needs its own nextcloud setup.


Also, if you chose to make use of a single nextcloud instances, you will have alot of work in the initial Setup for folder access, permissions etc, for the multiple domain and different accounts.

Many cloud providers use a single nextcloud instance to host multiple organizations, there are plugins available to help you on the endeavour,

the questions is, what’s your biggest management headache, and that should drive your setup preference