Mail Service ERR: Cannot connect to real-server

Good mornig.

Today i will try mail service of nethserver.
My Mail server is externally hosted
And I want to stay that way.

I have created a new domain, internal only for test
in primary domain ,Already in the list just install the mail service, i check box “Relay to another server” with ip of external mail server.
But in /var/log/messages i found

POP3 Connection from
Jun 12 12:12:26 proxy p3scan[24542]: Real-server address is
Jun 12 12:12:26 proxy p3scan[24542]: ERR: Cannot connect to real-server:
Jun 12 12:12:26 proxy p3scan[24542]: Session done (Critical abort). Mails: 0 Bytes: 0

Instead of connecting to the external peer set in the relay, they connect to the local and obviously fail authentication.

Did I understand the meaning of that relay?
Or whether the name of the external and the internal domain coincide, does not it know where to place the mail?

on the server

host has address EX.TE.RN.AL has address has address

i can remove 192.168.. entry? i have try to remove in /etc/hosts file but dont update dns cache

EDIT: with systemctl restart dnsmasq work and host is clean

 host has address EX.TE.RN.AL

The culprit is this template fragment for /etc/hosts


Run the following commands

config setprop postfix MxRecordStatus disabled
signal-event nethserver-mail-server-update
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it works!