Mail relay server ns8

NethServer Version: 8
Module: mail Version1.3.6
i installed the NS8 again completely and now i tried to get the email System run on the cluster. i installed the o.a. version and miss something what was formerly usable in the app. i cant find the entry for the relay options. so… did i have missed something?

The version including the mail relay options is still in the testing repo.

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installed Version1.4.0-dev.5 same problem, did i have to update also the core?

No, I just updated the app. Maybe you need to switch language…via browser settings

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i did not need it formerly, lol, ok. which version from the mail app do you have installed?

The same one of course

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Maybe refreshing the browser helps once again:


i did an reboot of the server and now i have the entry. again thx a lot Mr. Markus

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