Mail Public Folder | Cockpit can't edit ACLs added with the old server manager

There is a Problem whenn using old and new server manager

Old Servermanager uses Group based acls.
New Servermanager uses Person based acls and can’t edit group acls

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This is by design: the Cockpit UI should allow to express everything you need.
Just switch to it.


The Cockpi UI did not allow Groups nore are the Groups editable ore deletabel,… so sorry the Cockpi UI at this point is inconsitent.

did you add the groups from the users and groups tab also to delete groups (you can’t rename them) you select the dropdown under list and select groups

see the pictuer, the goup gvpn was added with the old server manager and is not editable in Cockpit
also I see no Choice to add a nother Group. Only Users can be added.

ok I think there should be a cmd that needs to run to remove the group created with the old manager @mrmarkuz might know

also what browser do you use

as it maynot help but just to cover all bases

I can’t test now but maybe just remove them from old server manager first and then recreate them in cockpit. It seems mixing old and new ACL doesn’t work.

The Old Servermanager can Only add Groups …

in my opinion it would be grate to have the posibility to edit the dovecot acls with cockpit for users and groups.

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I’m using Firefox with minimum on adons …

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