Mail problem with outlook

Since June 30, my mail server has been working very well under roudcube but prevents me from knowing myself in Outlook or with my smartphone.
He asks me for a password that I enter but he asks me again.
I have already changed my password and created a new user but nothing has changed.

Hi @n.gerteis (Gerties),

Can you provide a little bit more info so people can help you better?

Which account provider do you use on the nethserver? (openldap / AD - localy installed?)
Which protocol are you configuring in outlook / on the phone?
Which OS has the smartphone?

Note: Without extra packages the nethserver-mailserver is IMAP/POP3 only.
(and my experiences with outlook as an IMAP-client are not very positive,
but it will work…)

EDIT: forgot about (obsolete) POP3… nethserver-mail does POP3 too

Thank you for your interest in my problem.
I am running on “NethServer release 7.9.2009 (final)” AD. My mail configuration is in local IMAP and smtp by SFR.
My configuration has always worked normally on outlook and on android. one day he asked me for a password to access the account. I seized it but without success. I reset it without success, it works with roundcube.

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More info…
Does your installation have a valid TLS certificate via Lets’Encrypt/Certbot?

I don’t have a valid TLS Lets’Encrypt/Certbot
my setup is the default setup in fresh install

Does outlook/windows ask you to allow the use of the auto-generated certificate?

Hello there,

IMO it points to a Not correctly set encryption.

SSL or TLS together wird opened ports for the corresponding protocols. With this I mean the router ports.

Maybe checking Port forwarding will help.

Roundcube uses the http/https as far as I know.