Mail not getting received, how do I check for what is being blocked by the mail filtering(spam)

NethServer Version: 7.3.1611 (Final)
Module: Spam?

Hi there!

Having trouble getting mail from steam (yes I admit, I do enjoy some games from time to time)

Moving away from my gmail I thought i’d change may steam account to my neth mail server.

However mail seem to be blocked(or just not arriving). Account works fine otherwise. I get good results when running mx toolbox on my domain ( to see if I’ve set anything wrong. Spam filtering seems to be working.

Tried different spam thesholds, tried allowing mail from and also tried turning the spam filter off. However mail from steam never seem to arrive.

Is there anyway to check SPAM logs to see if is being blocked?

Anything else I should be checking?


Did you check /var/log/maillog looking for your steam email address? What did you find?

Nope nothing there. So guessing issue isn’t even spam filter then, right?

Would I see spamassasin taking care of mails there?

This mail domain is the only one are you aware not receiving?

let me understand: there’s no trace about the failing domain in your maillog?

if so the issue is outside NS…

Hey Stefano,

The thing is, if I change my user account in steam to another maildomain and server the mail goes through. That’s why I’m trying to figure out why I cannot receive mails from to my mail.

As of now yes. Hard to track down things that are not being received. Could be having the issue with several other mail domains i’m not aware of.

I can send mail to the server from other mailproviders/accounts no problem. Can also see some promotional and spam mails coming in. I just cannot receive mail from

ok… it seems something external to your server…

I mean: if, for example, the steam domain were in any BL, you’d see something in your log.

If you have no trace of mail coming from that domain in your log it means that the external server isn’t reaching your NS at all…

DNS issue? was your MX record pointing to another server in the last 2/3 days? 'cause if it is the case, the issue is on steam side (which is trying to reach the old server)

just guessing, BTW

Another question: do you have any kind of firewall rule preventing steam server to reach your NS?

Thanks for all tips.

So spamfiltering should be seen happening in /var/log/maillog?

DNS is fine, no changes lately. Been running on the same settings for quite some time (9 months)

No special rules no. It’s behind a pfsense firewall. Not using NS as gateway.

Which ports for SMTP are forwarded from PFsense to NethServer?

25 & 465

As Stefano said, I think

@Adam_Fransson would you please also forward 587? Or it’s already forwarded?

@alefattorini: i agree with @Stefano_Zamboni idea, but i have a little question for @dev_team: traffic on port 25 support STARTTLS?

OK so been looking into it more.

Seems like I don’t have PTR records set, this must be done by ISP so i’ve sent a request.

Also noticed my dmarc&dkim wasn’t a 100% done correctly.

However. I do score a respectable 7,8 in mailtester.

And surely dmarc/dkim is more related to sending than receiving.

@pike, I can open port 587, sure but I cannot see that it would help. I’ll give it a try.

Thanks for all the help guys!


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Yes but we suggest using 587 port for submission

@Adam_Fransson: any news?

All ports opened.

Havn’t fixed dkim/dmarc yet.

But in fixing PTR and getting whitelisted on SpamratsDYNA (whole c-class range was blacklisted) I get a really nice score. 9 out of 10.

Mail still working fine. Just the pesky mail that are not arriving. They’re actually not even getting to the server so I’ll go with your idea that it has something to do with steam. Seems beyond my control.

Thanks for all the help guys,
Regards, Adam

I am not really into Steam, but Google shows much results with people having similar problem without using nethserver. Maybe setup gmail account and connector as workaround…

Hi there,

Thanks for the tip. I know it works with gmail since I have a steam account and a gmail account.

I’m just tired of Google so I thought i’d switch over all my accounts to my neth server, that’s how I noticed that the steam mails don’t arrive.

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