Mail missing from configuration menu after uninstall / re-install

Odd question, been trying to find an answer but no luck so far.

I made some changes to my NS install in my test machine and ended up removing and trying to re-install mail services. Was getting errors about conflicting cache and such. so I ended up flushing everything, uninstalling everything and re-installing by cli for my next round of testing

Now, it seems the mail configuration link is missing from the side menu?

Any thoughts on how I can get it back? I belive that was also where I could view the rspamd stats.

this seems impossible, it is straight forward php and installing those packages puts the code in place. :thinking:

assuming there where no errors while (re)installing those packages:

sorry to ask: did you refresh the web page in the browser?

firefox can be a bit nasty with it’s cache; although have to say never have experienced this with the nethserver web-gui. Clearing the cache, trying it in an other browser or simply close your browsers and login again?

Could be due to missing nethserver-mail2-common

sure did, but I will try clearing cache again also… I waited a couple days before posting looking for something I did wrong. here is a SS from my install. I agree, it’s very odd… even tried from a different browser but I can be an idiot sometimes and might not have checked close enough. I was sure under configuration I used to have an “Email” option?? or did I sniff some glue ?

I will attempt to manually install this one now. BTW… mailserver is working… I can send/receive and EAS connections are working correctly as well.


rpm -qa | grep nethserver-mail2

[root@sparky X]# yum install nethserver-mail2-common
Loaded plugins: changelog, fastestmirror, nethserver_events
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile

[root@sparky X]# rpm -qa | grep nethserver-mail2
[root@sparky X]#

IIRC you have to install nethserver-mail-smarthost…

that did it…

Did I miss a step when installing from CLI? I orignally upgraded from mail, to mail2 following the upgrade document… however when I uninstalled everything and attemped to use the gui to install the new mail2 it errorred with coflicts… using the button on the gui to clear cache did not work… I ended up having to clear manually with cli:

  309  2018-08-19 19:17:49 yum install nethserver-mail2-*

the install gave my first errors after trying from gui and clearing cache (from gui)

  310  2018-08-19 19:18:11 yum remove nethserver-mail-*
  311  2018-08-19 19:21:35 yum clean all
  312  2018-08-19 19:21:50 rm -rf /var/cache/yum

that allowed me to install from gui.

I think you removed nethserver-mail-smarthost and it hasn’t been reinstalled because it’s not required by any other package.

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that would make sense when i removeed nethserver-mail-* would have taken smarthost out, and I didn’t re-install it.

should that perhaps be a dependency of mail when installing? or did I not read enough in the docs? I don’t mind getting told to RTFM at all.

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however kudos to @mrmarkuz, i want to go to sleep (@SGVFR different time-zone) but this was to weird to be true :grinning:


That’s a good idea so it would be reinstalled if removed accidentally.


It used to be a dep off nethserver-mail(1)-common:

Not in the nethserver-mail2-common:

Although it depends on nethserver-base which does not depend on nethserver-mail-smarthost.
The latter is installed as mandatory member of the ISO group.

IMHO @SGVFR found a #bug