Mail internal relay / shared namespace config

Nethserver 7.9 : Mail

Can NethServer handle a shared namespace / do internal relay for non-local users?

For example, users mailboxes are split between two separate mail servers, Nethserver and OtherServer. (on NethServer) sends mail to (on Nethserver) and it works. Both are local to NethServer (on NethServer) sends mail to (on OtherServer) and Nethserver rejects it with an unknown user message, cos it has no idea who UserC is.

Is there a configuration to get NethServer to relay any messages for users it doesn’t know about to another server to handle?

I have this working on another mail system that involved a bit of messing about with setting the real mail domain to non-authoritative and a connector to relay any messages for non-local uses up to a central mail hub, and that works nicely.

I have tried to configure a relay, but it rejects the check, even though the credentials are good as proven with the smarthost config so not sure what’s going on there, or if it’s even relevant to this.

If it needs to be done directly in postfix that’s fine although I have a lot of reading to do on that (and a large part of the reason for playing with Nethserver is keep away from detailed config of things people write entire textbooks about!)

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Imo relay would be the way to go if it’s giving errors maybe the external server is refusing it due to security policies check the logs might help also make sure you can ping the mail server from your nethserver a lot of problems are caused by resolution issues

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