Mail forwarding to external addresses does not work


(Gerald) #1

I have a problem with the e-mail forwarding to external addresses.

For this I have entered under the point eMail addresses Weiterletung to the external address.
This has been working for a relatively long time (~ 9 months), until about 6 weeks since then no external redirect has been made.
If an internal target is specified it works.

No error can be found in the log file …

Is this behavior known?



(Federico Ballarini) #2

I can’t reproduce this… it works on my installations. Post a screenshot of your configuration.
Could you check also SPAM folder of external account: it can be there.
Post also mail packages version and mail log.

You can also try to solve this problem using Webtop rules.


(Giacomo Sanchietti) #3

No errors even here.

If there is any trouble, it must be inside /var/log/maillog. Otherwise the error is on the other mail server.