Mail forwarding to external addresses does not work

I have a problem with the e-mail forwarding to external addresses.

For this I have entered under the point eMail addresses Weiterletung to the external address.
This has been working for a relatively long time (~ 9 months), until about 6 weeks since then no external redirect has been made.
If an internal target is specified it works.

No error can be found in the log file …

Is this behavior known?



I can’t reproduce this… it works on my installations. Post a screenshot of your configuration.
Could you check also SPAM folder of external account: it can be there.
Post also mail packages version and mail log.

You can also try to solve this problem using Webtop rules.


No errors even here.

If there is any trouble, it must be inside /var/log/maillog. Otherwise the error is on the other mail server.