Mail Filter By Subject + Blocking types of attachments but allowing them to be sent

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.9.2009 (final)
Module: Email + rspamd

#1: block subjects:
I read this reply (…“multimap.conf, you need a custom fragment.”) from @stephdl

I am very interested in creating that custom fragment to catch certain Subjects that rspam does not yet catch (I still do not receive them). I read most of the link, but failed to grasp the entirety of how to create it and then add those subjects to block.
Having to do a few dozen urgent things may make me lose my way to achieve it. :woozy_face:; I’ve read it +3 times and something is lost on me, I don’t get it.

A little How to @stephdl ?

#2 Block reception of certain types of attachments but allow sending of those types of files:
When I enable the attachment filter for a certain type of file (eg: zip) it works because I no longer receive them, the problem is that I can’t send them either,

Is it possible to block the reception of certain types of attachments, but allow the sending of those types of attachments?

Thanks in advance.