Mail and imapsync issues

**NethServer Version:7
Module: email

Hi All,

I’ve successfully setup nethserver as an internal standalone mail server and am now in the pricess of testing.

I just copied over a user mailbox with lots of sub folders using imapsync it all completed OK and said there were no errors but when I connect to my new shiny nethserver mail server via IMAP I can only see one sub folder in the inbox.

If I connect through SOGO webinterface I can see all of the sub folders, anyone have any ideas?

You have to subscribe on the webmail the folders.

Thanks for your quick reply that makes perfect sense however I can;t find the option to manage subscriptions in sogo, am I missing something or does it need to be done through roundcube?


Got it working by deleting transferred mails again and then re-transferring using imapsync and setting --subscribeall.

Thanks for your help.

I did a little search on documentation (i do not use SOGO) but i had no luck. Glad that imapsync and --subscribeall span the wheel for you.