Mail aliases aka mail destinations - bulk creation from script?

NethServer 7.9.2009
Mail Server

Hello, dear friends!
A task:
bulk creation of aliases.
In webGUI, it looks like this:

I saw, for example, collecting mail for getmail, this is perfectly done with a command like

getmail set getmail Account status enabled Password Nethesis,1234 Server localhost Username Retriever SimplePOP3Retriever Delete enabled Time 30 VirusCheck enabled SpamCheck enabled

Is there a similar command for creating alias / destination?

Hi @Antoni,
sorry for the late response. I hope @support_team can help you.

Probably something based on this:

db accounts set alias@domain.tld pseudonym Access public Account destination1@domain.tld Description myalias
signal-event pseudonym-create

EDIT: The manual has a more convenient example:

Import emails
It is possible to create mail aliases from a TSV (Tab Separated Values) file with the following format:

username <TAB> emailaddress <NEWLINE>

Then you can use the import_emails script. See Import and delete accounts from plain-text files for a sample script invocation.