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For the first time I faced the need to configure Outlook for club members to connect an account on the Nethserver. The mail addresses firstname.lastname@domain.tld are aliases of the accounts firstname_lastname.

I have not been able to configure Outlook because it seems that Outlook always uses the mail address to authenticate. This inevitably fails because of the underscore as separator between first name and last name in the user management.
Has anyone ever managed to successfully configure Outlook under these conditions?

Does anyone have an idea how I can get further?

Sincerely, MArko

You need to use the manual/advanced setup to make it possible to enter mail address and username separately.

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That’s what I tried, unsuccessfully.
I will repeat it.

On which version of Outlook are you wrestling with?

Outlook 365

Which is sometimes a PITA for make it do the right thing.

Till Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2019 i had far more flexibility to configure the mailboxes via the Control Panel icon named “Mail” rather than the “simplified” interface accessible via Outlook itself. Icon changed name serveral times, on Outlook 2019 in italian now is named Mail (Microsoft Outlook) but I am not in condition to find the current name for Microsoft/Office 365 for any language.

Starting from scratch (creating a new profile), I can manually add a POP3/IMAP4 mailbox, with detailed options about email address, server addresses, username (which could be different than the email address) and other knobs and switches for configure in “less crappy way” the Email-Client part.
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Thank you. I feel remembered why I switched to MacOS.

Outlook 2013 was the smoothest setup version of Outlook i can remember. Things went messed up since 2016. Which enjoys the use of the autoconfiguration records into DNS servers, but if your mailbox is tricky to setup and you now how to setup correctly, the email client makes feel you dumb because lacks of the button “I know what to do, bring me to the parameters stat!”

@capote thanks for the heart.
Did you managed to solve the issue?

Hi Michael, thank you for your interest.

I forwarded this opinion to the colleague. Unfortunately, I don’t have direct access to her laptop and I have to wait for an appointment.
I will inform about the progress.

best regards, Marko

If you wish to expedit the appointment, you can make practice and tweak on a windows VM with Office365. Maybe 2-3 days of full working environment without hassle might be granted.

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