Mail access with alias

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: mail_server

is it possible to access to mail account using mail name instead of user name?

user pippo with email access to mail box with instead of pippo

thx in advance

Hi Andy,

nice to meet you here and happy welcome to Nethserver.
I am sorry, but I do not really get the question so I might answer questions you did not ask for, sorry in advance for that :slight_smile:

Any nethserver user and groups has an email: user@yourdomain.tld or group@yourdomain.tld. Additionally, create public mailboxes, too.

Any user has access to his / her mailbox, as well to the group he / she is in. If you create a public mailbox, you can define access to it by ACLs.

You may also prepare as many email as you like, e.g. order_a_pizza.delivery_service@yourdomain.tld. Each of these emails may have one or more target mailboxes (group. user). These targets are listed as alias per e-Mail. In your case I propose to create a public mailbox info@yourdomain.tld and allow the corresponding users to have access to it. This will give more than one person the opportunity to answer an incoming eMail.

A little difficult is to replay to such an incoming e-mail with the correct email. This strongly depends on the email client you are using. I can remember that this was e.g. not possible for the build in SOGo client, but I did not track if this feature is now implemented. I use Thunderbird and it works fine, however I did not try on my IOS device.

I hope this helps,
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thx Thorsten,
i’m about to migrate many account to nethserver and this mean to contact any user and tell them the new login is username and not the mail. this take me lot of time…

What will the users use to access their e-mail? webtop5, roundcube, sogo…?
You have user pippo with e-mail You want the users to login with their e-mail address.
Do the users also have other e-mail aliases?

they use outlook or thunderbird, and anly few has aliases
and yes, user should login with email

Sorry, but I still don’t get it. Login where (login to a specific web application, to the server manager, to their operating system or Active Directory account…)? any screenshot to better understand it?

If they use a mail client, other than configuring it, they don’t need a login (unless we are Lost In Translation).

they has to access to their mail account using client like ol or thunderbird.
now they access to the old mail server using email as usernname es but in nethserver (new server) they must access to mail with username,
this mean call every user and explain to change usermail in client from to pippo.
that’s what i want to avoid

Hi Marc,

I mainly use Spark on the IOS and Thunderbird on Windows. SOGo is my method of choice when only connected on the third party device, however I like SOGo very much.

All of them allow me to view eMails on public folders. In my case, in an SOHO environment, I have the users “kid_1”, “kid_2”, “mama”, “papa”, “grandma_1”, “grandpa_1”.

All of these users are grouped, organizational groups on my environment are “parents”, “family”, “kids”. I do also have functional groups, e.g. “VPN”, “multimedia”, “dms_privileged_user”, “dms_admin”, “dms_readers” or “nextcloud” users.

Each of the users has multiple aliases. Typcally I use a different alias eMail for each individual online account, e.g. “” or “mama.ebay@”. Actually, I have more than 150 alias addresses just for me - making “matchmaking” betweens social media much more difficult as long als no mobile phone number is requested :-).

This is done for “familiy-common-used-services” on the same level, but here I do use the public mailboxes.

The aliases are directly linked to the users mailboxes, so only they have access to it. On Thunderbird I can define / handle multiple e-Mail identies which I use if required to reply. This is for online services not often necessary. If you make a mistake, online support ticket systems do not recognice your replay as it is interlinked with different eMails. E.g. If recieves an email which is prespondend from papa@ … this does not work for automated ticket system. Recently I had this issue with Prusa 3D printers - however there was a nice guy on the other end on the chat :slight_smile:

On Thunderbird, you can find the corresponding settings for your account. Here you can see my thunderbird interface: just two seprate eMail-Mailboxen (user@mydomain.tld) + one other (just the admin)

In between the public folder public with “parents” and “family”, famly has three new e-Mails.


it’s a bit off topic, but for the same reason i need to let client connect to port 25 from any ip in wan. what the best pratice?
following tutorial i set “Enable authentication on port 25” and “Allow relay from trusted networks”, now my is, should i set something like ... in “Allow relay from IP addresses” or what ?



This is not really needed for road warriors:

My 2 cents

i’am very new in nethserver, i know to configure postfix in centos bur not in nethserver


Not to worry, Nethserver does help with a lot of decent presets and templates…
And we’re here to help too!

I use this setting for my clients too, it works!

Are you using NethServer as a firewall - or another box?

My 2 cents

it’s only a mail box, but it seem that “Enable authentication on port 25” not working for me


This looks ok…

only base


i forgot… my vps is in dhcp now…

In my case I use an independant router. Nethserver is behind a NAT. I have a static IP for my mail server (which is required not to end up on lots of blacklists). On the router, I have an open port / foreward on Port 25 (and some others e.g. 443, 80 and 8080) to the nethserver IP.

I hope this helps

port 25 it’s available because smtp test give me
554 5.7.1 <>: Relay access denied [277 ms]
also from client

further investigation

250 2.1.0 Ok
554 5.7.1 Relay access denied

no problem sending from webmail