MAC-Address changed after clone from Proxmox Template?

NethServer Version: 7.5

I got a different mac address after I have cloned from a Proxmox-Template:

vmbr1   B2:xx:xx:xx:xx:79

br0	0e:xx:xx:xx:xx:b3
eth0	b2:xx:xx:xx:xx:79

How do you deal with that ?

You may edit the MAC in Hardware/Network Device after cloning or do backup/restore instead of clone.

The MAC is changed to have no problem running the clone in the same network.

This is done by Proxmox to get a uniq MAC for each VM in the Subnet…

I did this in the past…

But now I have a NethServer 7.5 vm with two different MACs (eth0, br0).
How can I fix this ?

For eth0 just edit the MAC of the cloned VM as you like in the web user interface: