Ltsp over opvn client


I know Maybe its a crazy stuff but I am wondering if its possible through Net2net vpn ipsec to put an ltsp (linux thin client), pxe bootable on the second site ?! I know awkward idea, the main goal, provide a thin client over vpn… Toughts
it would be slow like hell maybe… If its possible to do IT already


Salut Victor

This would be possible, and there’s a few different ways to accomplish this.
Easiest would be creating a Bridge over the VPN…

My 2 cents

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@Vitor_Hugo_Barbosa before taking the start for the discussion… Net2Net IPSec or OpenVPN?
Or even OpenVpn RoadWarrior?

Which is the path?

Net2net Sorry it was late night… :drooling_face:

Net2net one…

Well… there are many aspects to consider.
How many clients? How often they are booting?
How good is the outbound bandwidth from the source site? How much is big the PXE booting media?

Answer that, the options are two.

  • a custom configured DHCP Server capable of redirect the booting sequence to the PXE server into the remote lan
  • a onsite PXE boot server with roms created for connecting through the IPSec tunnel

Excellent thanks

1 site home

Other site 40 machines

Sorry, that not helps me that much for understand. Anyway.
If the “remote” site of LTSP is only one client (with no goal for increase to 5 at least) seems non that interesting. I mean… you can setup only 1 machine with a small distro and the clients you need for Terminal Services.

If the “remote” site is 40 machines, well… IMVHO a PXE server on the remote side of the IPSec is a must for saving a lot of bandwidth.

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Hummmm right as I though, no way it will become too slow… localy its the best option.