Lost User Nethserver 7.9

Hi all after problem with networking i reboot the server and now i have the list of user empty:

How can i troubleshooting?


is the user acccounts for that server local, or is it fetching from remote AD,


Is local server

It seems the ad machine is offline if i ping


Hi Denis

Most likely your Account Provider (AD) isn’t working.
Can you start it?

See here for some Info:

My 2 cents

hi @Andy_Wismer

config show nsdc:

Says status=disabled
I dont’t think is normal :slight_smile:

Maybe that appens because i change the the gree network interface to br0 to eno1 i remove the bridge and now the dc-container can not start.

How can i do to fix?



Most likely the easiest is - if you have a working config-backup - is as follows:

  • Check you have backups working - they include a config backup.
  • Delete your AD!
  • Restore the last good config backup from before the problem. This will reinstall the AD, if needed also the network.

This has helped me / my clients several times… :slight_smile:
And it has helped others too:

Good luck also helps!

My 2 cents

So i need to restore only the backup config no need the backup data?

Yes, that should work…


Before i try to restore, maybe is there a method to enable and start the systemd-nspawn container manually?

You may need to reset the network to use the br0 again…

Is (should be) possible, I don’t know…

Yes but i remove because i don’t want to use a bridge

You MUST use a bridge for AD in NethServer.


You are right :slightly_smiling_face:
Now i restore the config backup and the green interface back to br0 and now he back to work i have my list of users.

But in the mean time i change the permission to Shared folder for give to the client the possibility to work, whit this command: chmod 777 -R Archivio, what are the default permission?

Check on another Nethserver…
Or create a new shared folder, and check there…

It should be chmod 770 -R Archivio

Thanks :slight_smile:

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