Lost Password for admin


Ok this is a little embarrassing but I have lost my admin password.
The thing is that none of my passwords work so either I was really drunk and I’ve changed my passwords (which would be hard since I don’t drink) or I’m getting really old.

Is there a way to recover a password or should I nuke the whole thing and start from scratch?
This was a test server so apart from a few hours of tinkering it won’t matter much if I do nuke it.


NethServer is based on Centos: this procedure should be valid


Also reinstalling can be a quick fix!


Reinstalling is good except if you have made settings that would make more than a hour to apply again. :slight_smile:

But let’s clarify @Blaz_Pivk, did you lost the password for your webconfig admin or the root as a user on the system? For the 2nd one, here is a great step-by-step guide how to recover root password on CentOS7. It will surely work on NethServer too.

For the 1st situation, I honestly don’t know. Can you please report back about your results and sollution and share it with the community? :slight_smile:



I lost password for the root user. The thing is that my passwords are simple (they have a meaning to me) but they also include a lot of special characters. And the thing is that since the web console never logged out on my browser (I’m the only one using this PC so I didn’t really care to log out) I forgot my password which is kind of a first actually.

Getting access to the shell without the password did it and I was able to change it back to one which I hopefully won’t forget. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.

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