Lost my Users and Groups

NethServer Version: ns7rc2
Module: Samba ad

Installed NS, Samba AD, changed Admin password, created a new user B, installed fileshare had a look to the list of users - Admin and B.

I couldn’t join the ad with wind 10(that’s another story) but i could reached the share - so almost well!

Ok, but know my list is empty, to show the site “Users and Groups” it takes minutes - and when I try to create a new user or group I get an error.

What have I done before the list was lost: I changed the network device 1 to red(before green and bridged) and activated dhcp for the device 2 (now the green one) connected this computer and wanted to create a new user.Why I changed green to red? Because device 1 is connected to my router with parental control, comfort…

I can reinstall, but perhaps I do not understand something - ehm, normally a lot, sry!

Thx for your help.


That bridge is required by samba4 nsdc container to run!

Try to recreate a green bridge. I hope it retain the interface name that has been written into nsdc config. Then reboot and cross your fingers!

Hi Davide,

Thx, i tried, but at least I have reinstalled:-)

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