Losing the connection to AD

NethServer Version: 7.5
Module: Proxy

Hi to all,
I have a problem and can’t find the error.
At first my constillation:

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 with AD and DNS
  • Lancom as router
  • Nethserver 7.5 with proxy and groupware and AD (other Domain, only used for calendar)
  • Client has a static IP, the proxy as gateway and first DNS, second one is the Windows AD
  • Client is connected to the windows domain
  • Proxy has the Lancom as gateway and the Windows Server as DNS

Now my problem:
Before a few weeks I gave the client the proxy settings (manual proxy), changed the gateway settings to the proxy and added the proxy as DNS (tried as first and second, the other DNS is the Windows 2008). Before changing to “proxy mode” the gateway was the Lancom and only the Windows Server was set as DNS. Since using this client with the proxy sporadically the client loses the connection to the Windows Domain.
At this moment it is connected as private network and can reach every other client at the network, but not the windows server.

Do somebody has an idea?

I think the client should use only use the Windows server as DNS in this case. I guess the client looses the Windows domain because of asking Nethserver DNS that doesn’t know about the Windows domain.
You may use just the proxy IP in the clients proxy settings or you need add the Nethserver to the Windows DNS.

Maybe it would also work with Nethserver as DNS server on the client when you setup a DNS entry for your Windows AD domain on Nethserver… This may be the better solution because proxy exceptions and web content filter will only work when the client uses the Nethserver proxy as DNS AFAIK.

Other ideas:

  • Time sync problem between client (bios?)/Win AD server
  • AD join problem - Try to rejoin the client to windows AD
  • Kerberos ticket problems, Windows profile problems - Try a new profile on the client.

Thanks Markus for your answer.

I would try it now with the DNS entry.
Ok, I entered the FQDN of the windows server at the DNS section of nethserver now. I can ping the win ad server from nethserver with the FQDN but not with the hostname only. The nethserver was already entered at the win domain before.

No, time is correct

I’ve done this before, same problem.

This would be my last try before a clean install, but if change to admin profile after the problem exists, it doesn’t work with admin to. The only way to get it work again is to wait circa an hour or to change the IP of the client.