Losing internet connection to Internet at a set time everyday

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.3.1611
Module: your_module

I have this weird issue where my server has to be rebooted every morning at around 6:40 am otherwise we lose internet connection. This only affects machines that attach to this Nethserver instance. Any ideas? The machine is in a ProxMox Virtual Server.

Is there any relevant error logged around that time frame?

Which logs should I check?

See if there’s something in /var/log/messages and /var/log/firewall.log


I looked at both and nothing interesting sticks out. Another thing to note is that I can’t ping the DNS either. It feels like there are multiple things that are wrong with it. What else can i check?

Uhm looks weird, can you ping your gateway or any other host in your network?

Hi, @firsttiger did You solve Your problem?
-check if lan dhcp is working properly (if this problem involves lan)
-do You have ping nethserver>internet (, other hosts)
-what about mtr results while no connectivity?

I ended up switching out my router and that seems to have solved the problem for now.